Thursday, June 19, 2008

First walk

I used to walk all the time. Now I want to, but don't. Lots of reasons. The one that's on my mind now is that in the morning I am usually writing or sleeping (at least in the summer time). In the evening, I am typically busy. So the best time, particularly during my "time off" is the afternoon, when the heat is tremendous.

Went out with Cleo (dog) and Max (son) about 1:30. The weather is a bit milder than the past couple days because of a little rain this morning. Max was wearing some kind of sweatshirt and his straw hat that makes me want to call him Huck. Must be good to be ten and thin. Cleo tried to drag me at first, but as I said, was happy to be back when we returned. The route itself was mostly a circuit of the neighborhood.

Took some pictures of flowers. Max didn't talk much because he listening to a book on his iPod. I think about taking my iPod when I walk because I really love music, but I usually don't because I want to hear the music of the world when I'm out. That isn't as romantic as it probably sounds. I'm also concerned I'll miss hearing some truck coming down the street too fast just before it hits me. Anyway, in my head I was hearing "Red" by The Crimson Jazz Trio, which is what I remember listening to just before I left.

I certainly don't need any new projects, but I'm hoping this blog will help me stay motivated to walk more. As I said, I used to do it all the time, when I needed to clear my head. I need to clear my head even more often than I need the exercise (and I DO need the exercise). Have so many things to do that I end up either doing nothing or the thought of one thing distracts me from whatever it is I'm working on. Can't get much done that way. Of course, as I walked this afternoon, I thought of something else to do: this blog.