Thursday, July 22, 2010

That’s all?

Wednesday: Since the injection, my back has been sore, a little stiff. Finally, I was able to Photo0394talk myself into walking around the block at 2 in the morning. It isn’t much, but it’s moving. The weather had been mild Tuesday, and I should have taken advantage of it.


Monday, July 12, 2010

A shot

Monday: More to wake up before trying to work than anything else, I took a short walk to the corner and back. Quick chat with neighbor about soccer and the behavior of dogs. Dogs in the neighborhood barking at me.

Wednesday/Thursday: Saw the doctor Wednesday about the back pain and agreed to an injection Thursday. Certainly feeling better, though stiff and bruised, but not getting out. Rain one reason, but it shouldn’t be.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Headaches and clouds

Sunday: Afternoon, but I don’t mind because the heat feels good to my back. I walked after grading many papers, at first to 548 and back, but I extended it just a little. sky2There were clouds to look at, but none to cover. My mind was scattered; I could not think of any one thing, but maybe that’s good. Another day I can stay out until I think of something or become content with nothing. I even walked through lots of grass and dirt; I don’t know what made be brave. Thinking about a friend who is miles away running under the same hot sun, and happy to just be moving.

Thursday: Headache was plaguing me and I could not concentrate on work, so I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Saw a jay hop up to the roof of a house and wondered if he was lazy or had just found a better way to get where he wanted. When I got home, my back hurt something fierce and I got little work done before I had to drive children all over.