Thursday, June 6, 2013

Distraction on the Path

The past three Wednesdays, I have walked the labyrinth at Holy Trinity while my children were at EYC. Only last week, did I realize this was a physical exercise as much as a spiritual and mental one. I am sure that being so far from any sort of workout and a general feeling of sickliness has contributed to this. I cannot help but wonder if I could get well by walking it every day.

One way of approaching the labyrinth is to walk with God, praying or meditating on one's concerns and trials going in, sitting in communion  at the center, and releasing those troubles as one makes one's way out. Of course, as there is no "right" way to walk the labyrinth, and this is not the only approach or "method." But as I spend so much time anxious, it seems to be what happens with me.

Usually, I leave with a feeling of calm, even though sometimes that calm is mixed with worry.

Last evening, I was distracted by a coming storm. I could hear the thunder miles away, and I often looked for a rock or something that I could might use to mark my place should a downpour occur before I had finished. When it began to sprinkle, I kept telling myself, it is only water, and so I managed to complete the walk. But how spiritual the experience was, I cannot say.

Recently I recently read a book by C.S. Lewis which reminded me that the quality of any spiritual endeavor cannot be judged by how one feels at the end, and that God's is pleased with the effort of prayer, even if one might be partially occupied in mind or "not feeling it." I am trusting these days in that truth.

drops on the flat path
summer is coming i hear
first there will be showers