Sunday, August 17, 2008

The headache thing

First of all, I have been sick. I have only walked once in the past week.

Second, the heat in Texas (coupled with my schedule) has made it very difficult to walk with any regularity. The best times to avoid the heat are early morning and late evening. In the morning, I write. I cannot break this routine, and I can have even less flexibility once school starts. Then, I’ll have to get up at four a.m. just to get a few minutes to write before going to work. (Of course the plus here, is that I can walk between classes and grading papers, and be inside when I return to work.)

At night, I have my family to attend to. Some activities have started already, but when school begins, I’ll have to take my kids to practices, rehearsals, and scout meetings. I’ll have to stay at most of these, and won’t be able to walk all that much.

Third, I have this headache thing going on. Whenever I get excited or try to do something more physical than refilling my water glass, I get this piercing headache. If I push myself, I only end up making the headache worse and being sick at my stomach the rest of the day. Even reading or watching television become difficult then. I don’t think walking in the hundred degree plus heat with that is a good idea.

I know that much of the headache thing is due in part to a lot of factors that I am working to control (diet and medication are going to help). But for now, I’m even more sedentary than before.