Tuesday, December 18, 2012


PICT0043Back sore from sitting at my computer most of the day, I put on my sweatshirt and tennis shoes, told the dogs they couldn’t go with me, and went outside for some “air.” The past few days the weather has been that odd mix we sometimes have in Texas where the mornings require coats and the cars require warming up before leaving, while in the afternoons a fat guy like me could be comfortable in a sleeveless shirt. But it was dark and cool again.

I walked, hoping to unburden my head from all the dull thoughts muddling through me. One semester over and another begun, I already regret the work I’ve committed to, and yet, am glad to be busy. It won’t be too much to stave off the dragon whispering about uselessness. Just want to be sharp again.

I found a razor from a box cutter and carried it with me to the mailboxes, where I deposited it in the trash. On top of the mail boxes, I saw someone had left a letter opener. I picked it up and noted it was sharper than the razor.

Hate to see these near the ground. Having had tires as thin as skin, I worry about what I’ll run over.


teen boys darkly dressed

one uses his cell like a batsignal

and they meet

passing me

their curses polluting the air

leaving cans in the road