Thursday, July 24, 2008

The library

Walking the perimeter of the library during class serves many purposes. One, is the obvious benefit of exercise. (Though I'm not sure I'm burning a lot of calories. At least I'm moving.) The other benefit is finding all those students who seem to think that "research day" means: sign the roll sheet, surf the net for porn, check personal email, sleep, chat with classmates, sign the roll sheet again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Not walking

Car died again over the weekend. Should have walked more, especially since I was depressed about the vehicle situation. Instead I worked. Back to old habits, I guess. Here's to hoping I get the car fixed soon and walk more. I will be at work a long time today, waiting for Brad. That gives me time to grade some papers, but also to walk. Will try to do so after lunch.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Walking to the elementary school

This afternoon, I walked, with Max and Cleo, up to the nearby Elementary School. It isn't far, but it was after one p.m. in the hot hot hot of July. My back didn't ache so much, but my hands were raw from grasping short on Cleo's leash. Max played on the playground while I walked a bit with the tired dog trying once again, to train her to stop and start on command. At the rate I have been going with her, I'll have her fully trained in time for her to tell someone I fell in a well behind the old folks home.

Worked up a decent sweat. Talked to the boy about education and various things that interest him. Dog has been laying around all day, pausing only to bark at one or more passersby with precious little enthusiam.

Was nice for me, though in the middle of the day. I had written quite a bit on my stories/novel and needed to clear my head before tackling school stuff. Glad I worked it in.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Walking to the library

Okay, it is entirely possible that my back hurts when I walk, not because of Cleo dragging me along, but because of my massive girth. Tonya says it is the crappy shoes I have been in. I suppose when I find my dirty New Balance pair and get them washed, I'll find out. I'm fairly sure I'll still be fat when I do.

Walked from the house to the library on Thursday. The car had been fixed, but I basically wanted to see if I could do it. So I loaded my backpack with books to return, my small notebook, my cell phone and a water bottle. Of course, part of my foolishness was that I was leaving between 5:30 and 6 in the afternoon.

Halfway there, I stopped to drink most of the water. My house is seven tenths of a mile from I-30 and I figure is is another half to full mile from there to the library. The heat was a problem, but I still felt okay. I suppose it was a bit easier than the trip to Tiger Mart (on 30) a few days before. Was a bit dizzy when I got there. When I turned in the books, I was surprised to note that the librarian remembered me from a conversation we'd had the previous week.

I had intended to look for the new Keller book by Lawrence Block (knowing that they probably didn't have it), but it was not there. So I checked out two books by Walter Mosely. I doubt I'll be disappointed.

The walk back was difficult. The stretch of 548 from I-30 to my house has no sidewalk. So one navigates stretches of grass and dirt. I wanted to walk against the traffic for to be safe, so I ended up walking in the ditch area on my return trip. Since that grass has recently been mowed, I was able to walk at the bottom of the ditch instead of at angle (something that makes walking quite painful for old, out of shape guys like me). When I was close to the house, I took a short cut through a construction area, where they have a rock road. When I walked on that same road the other day, it was okay. But this time, I could feel my back crying out, screaming really, asking me what the heck made me think this was a good idea.

I was only a couple blocks from home when Tonya called, worried about me. I told her I was okay and would soon be there. The air conditioning was marvellous and the bowl of spaghetti she had already made for me was more delicious than I anticipated. Drank lots of water. Watched some television. Got lots of sweat on the couch.

This was a satisfying, thought difficult, walk. I think I'll try to do it again Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walking to the store

Have had a couple of walks, nothing big. Listening now to Bill Bruford's disc with Eddie Gomez and Ralph Towner If Summer Had Its Ghosts. Will have to write about that on Monk Notes soon. No pictures. The digital camera is in the pawnshop. Maybe I'll add one from a different walk.

Last Friday the car broke down. We spent most of the late afternoon to night getting it to Farmersville. So Saturday morning, I got up early and walked to the American National Bank to use the ATM, then to Tiger Mart for some breakfast stuff, since I wasn't sure how long I'd be without a car.

The main walk wasn't bad. It was not yet super hot. I made it to the bank in about fifteen minutes. Then when I got to Tiger Mart, I ran into a woman who used to work there who had her little girl with her. We talked about her new job, the car problems, her husband's job, their new apartment.

Then I went in. These car problems tend to send me into panic mode, so I ended up buying much more stuff than I needed. The lady who checked me out offered to have someone drive me home. I made some joke about how I needed the exercise, but was touched by the offer.

Then to the doughnut place. All my stuff ended up in box which was quite unwieldy with the three bags I was hauling.

The trip home was definitely harder, longer. My back was a mess by the time I got home (having already been taxed quite a bit the day before with all the pushing of the dead car). I had put a clean shirt on before I left and I needed another when I returned home. Drank lots of water (not that I was stopped from having coffee).