Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walking to the store

Have had a couple of walks, nothing big. Listening now to Bill Bruford's disc with Eddie Gomez and Ralph Towner If Summer Had Its Ghosts. Will have to write about that on Monk Notes soon. No pictures. The digital camera is in the pawnshop. Maybe I'll add one from a different walk.

Last Friday the car broke down. We spent most of the late afternoon to night getting it to Farmersville. So Saturday morning, I got up early and walked to the American National Bank to use the ATM, then to Tiger Mart for some breakfast stuff, since I wasn't sure how long I'd be without a car.

The main walk wasn't bad. It was not yet super hot. I made it to the bank in about fifteen minutes. Then when I got to Tiger Mart, I ran into a woman who used to work there who had her little girl with her. We talked about her new job, the car problems, her husband's job, their new apartment.

Then I went in. These car problems tend to send me into panic mode, so I ended up buying much more stuff than I needed. The lady who checked me out offered to have someone drive me home. I made some joke about how I needed the exercise, but was touched by the offer.

Then to the doughnut place. All my stuff ended up in box which was quite unwieldy with the three bags I was hauling.

The trip home was definitely harder, longer. My back was a mess by the time I got home (having already been taxed quite a bit the day before with all the pushing of the dead car). I had put a clean shirt on before I left and I needed another when I returned home. Drank lots of water (not that I was stopped from having coffee).

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