Sunday, July 6, 2008

Walking to the library

Okay, it is entirely possible that my back hurts when I walk, not because of Cleo dragging me along, but because of my massive girth. Tonya says it is the crappy shoes I have been in. I suppose when I find my dirty New Balance pair and get them washed, I'll find out. I'm fairly sure I'll still be fat when I do.

Walked from the house to the library on Thursday. The car had been fixed, but I basically wanted to see if I could do it. So I loaded my backpack with books to return, my small notebook, my cell phone and a water bottle. Of course, part of my foolishness was that I was leaving between 5:30 and 6 in the afternoon.

Halfway there, I stopped to drink most of the water. My house is seven tenths of a mile from I-30 and I figure is is another half to full mile from there to the library. The heat was a problem, but I still felt okay. I suppose it was a bit easier than the trip to Tiger Mart (on 30) a few days before. Was a bit dizzy when I got there. When I turned in the books, I was surprised to note that the librarian remembered me from a conversation we'd had the previous week.

I had intended to look for the new Keller book by Lawrence Block (knowing that they probably didn't have it), but it was not there. So I checked out two books by Walter Mosely. I doubt I'll be disappointed.

The walk back was difficult. The stretch of 548 from I-30 to my house has no sidewalk. So one navigates stretches of grass and dirt. I wanted to walk against the traffic for to be safe, so I ended up walking in the ditch area on my return trip. Since that grass has recently been mowed, I was able to walk at the bottom of the ditch instead of at angle (something that makes walking quite painful for old, out of shape guys like me). When I was close to the house, I took a short cut through a construction area, where they have a rock road. When I walked on that same road the other day, it was okay. But this time, I could feel my back crying out, screaming really, asking me what the heck made me think this was a good idea.

I was only a couple blocks from home when Tonya called, worried about me. I told her I was okay and would soon be there. The air conditioning was marvellous and the bowl of spaghetti she had already made for me was more delicious than I anticipated. Drank lots of water. Watched some television. Got lots of sweat on the couch.

This was a satisfying, thought difficult, walk. I think I'll try to do it again Monday or Tuesday.

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