Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Walking to the elementary school

This afternoon, I walked, with Max and Cleo, up to the nearby Elementary School. It isn't far, but it was after one p.m. in the hot hot hot of July. My back didn't ache so much, but my hands were raw from grasping short on Cleo's leash. Max played on the playground while I walked a bit with the tired dog trying once again, to train her to stop and start on command. At the rate I have been going with her, I'll have her fully trained in time for her to tell someone I fell in a well behind the old folks home.

Worked up a decent sweat. Talked to the boy about education and various things that interest him. Dog has been laying around all day, pausing only to bark at one or more passersby with precious little enthusiam.

Was nice for me, though in the middle of the day. I had written quite a bit on my stories/novel and needed to clear my head before tackling school stuff. Glad I worked it in.

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