Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missed Opportunities

Saturday and Sunday: great weather for once, and rain coming Monday; no excuse to not walk other than work and fatigue.

Tuesday: alarm went off at 4, and again at 4:30, and again...got up at 5:30--too late for a walk; then I had to leave early from work, so I missed another chance

while son was at Scouts, walked from FUMC to downtown Royse City--saw historical marker for the mason hall, the police station, and the downtown restaurants as the sun set

Thursday: mid-morning walk around EF track; almost went two laps, but was worried about papers I needed to grade
Smell of wet, cut grass
and clay-like mud.
Fall air so breathable
even with machines in the distance.
But I am distracted
by an imaginary interview
with Craig Ferguson.

Friday: early morning "around the block" walk with Cleo; Fall is here for now.

after spending an hour with a financial planner (not mine), walked on EF track; would have gone two laps, but had pain in my foot I though at first had been due to a shoelace tied too tightly; after two attempts to readjust the lace, the pain persisted; I did find an old, cracked rubber ball to throw to Cleo, so it wasn't a total loss.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009


Tuesday: mid-morning walk on EF track; first walk in a few days, partially because of the weather, partially because of not getting up early enough; keep forgetting to take radio with me

Against the breezes
again I cannot assuage
memories of slights.

after a short walk around the block, such as can be done in my neighborhood, I took Cleo to watch daughter's soccer practice; but there was no practice because of the rain; so daughter and I kicked the ball back and forth while the dog tried to get away from me to help the boy's team; later we ran a few sprints that did not tired the dog

Wednesday: early morning walk on the small square route with Cleo wishing the tune of "The Candy Man" would stop bouncing inside my head

An old song loops in
my foggy brain this morning.
Nothing drives it out.
not crickets saying good night
or dog at my feet panting.

went to healing service/eucharist in the evening; back feels a bit better

Thursday: waited for a student to come for an appointment, but she didn't show, so 30 minutes late, I took my walk on the EF track; distracted by the fact that the radio/compass/flashlight/clock thing wasn't working

Everything hurts
when the radio
doesn't work.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Saturday: late morning walk with Cleo, L route.

Tuesday: early morning with Cleo, small square route.

Clear morning sky of stars:
I should be enjoying them.
But one blinks or twinkles
like a light about to go out.
God save us!

mid-morning walk on Eastfield track; it only hurts a little, but I hope I don't have to smell good the rest of the day.

Thursday: small square route with Cleo in the early morning.

House lights and sprinklers
on before the sun rises
and I, walking late

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and some streaming concerts at NPR.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Rebellions

Saturday: after waking later than usual, long morning walk with Cleo rebelling most of the way

recalcitrant dog

almost negates the value

of exercise

by pulling against the leash

Tuesday: mid-morning walk on walking track at Eastfield; had to hurry because halfway through I remembered I had an appointment

Lord, why can’t I walk

Until my worries go away?

Wednesday: early morning walk with Cleo-small square route with addendum

In Heaven, I’ll be less concerned

With doing than with being.

I’ll have no concerns.

I’ll be.

In the presence of God

I will be who He made me to be.

“You, O Lord, are my Lamp;

my God you make my darkness bright.” Psalm 18:28

walked across campus and back twice to stay awake

Friday: early morning walk with Cleo and a mug of coffee along small square route with addendum

Report: much stress this week; I know I overate a couple of times and ate a few things not on the diet.

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