Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Missed Opportunities

Saturday and Sunday: great weather for once, and rain coming Monday; no excuse to not walk other than work and fatigue.

Tuesday: alarm went off at 4, and again at 4:30, and again...got up at 5:30--too late for a walk; then I had to leave early from work, so I missed another chance

while son was at Scouts, walked from FUMC to downtown Royse City--saw historical marker for the mason hall, the police station, and the downtown restaurants as the sun set

Thursday: mid-morning walk around EF track; almost went two laps, but was worried about papers I needed to grade
Smell of wet, cut grass
and clay-like mud.
Fall air so breathable
even with machines in the distance.
But I am distracted
by an imaginary interview
with Craig Ferguson.

Friday: early morning "around the block" walk with Cleo; Fall is here for now.

after spending an hour with a financial planner (not mine), walked on EF track; would have gone two laps, but had pain in my foot I though at first had been due to a shoelace tied too tightly; after two attempts to readjust the lace, the pain persisted; I did find an old, cracked rubber ball to throw to Cleo, so it wasn't a total loss.

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