Saturday, September 5, 2009

Little Rebellions

Saturday: after waking later than usual, long morning walk with Cleo rebelling most of the way

recalcitrant dog

almost negates the value

of exercise

by pulling against the leash

Tuesday: mid-morning walk on walking track at Eastfield; had to hurry because halfway through I remembered I had an appointment

Lord, why can’t I walk

Until my worries go away?

Wednesday: early morning walk with Cleo-small square route with addendum

In Heaven, I’ll be less concerned

With doing than with being.

I’ll have no concerns.

I’ll be.

In the presence of God

I will be who He made me to be.

“You, O Lord, are my Lamp;

my God you make my darkness bright.” Psalm 18:28

walked across campus and back twice to stay awake

Friday: early morning walk with Cleo and a mug of coffee along small square route with addendum

Report: much stress this week; I know I overate a couple of times and ate a few things not on the diet.

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