Sunday, July 4, 2010

Headaches and clouds

Sunday: Afternoon, but I don’t mind because the heat feels good to my back. I walked after grading many papers, at first to 548 and back, but I extended it just a little. sky2There were clouds to look at, but none to cover. My mind was scattered; I could not think of any one thing, but maybe that’s good. Another day I can stay out until I think of something or become content with nothing. I even walked through lots of grass and dirt; I don’t know what made be brave. Thinking about a friend who is miles away running under the same hot sun, and happy to just be moving.

Thursday: Headache was plaguing me and I could not concentrate on work, so I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Saw a jay hop up to the roof of a house and wondered if he was lazy or had just found a better way to get where he wanted. When I got home, my back hurt something fierce and I got little work done before I had to drive children all over.

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