Saturday, June 26, 2010

After a promising start

Sunday: Took a short walk as the sun was setting from the  house to what used to be my kids’ elementary school. 062010Thought about how much I missed my kids who were gone to camp and how I was walking slow, though I’m told to lose weight I have to have brisker, longer walks. All in due time, I thought to myself. It also occurred to me that prayer should be the focal point of my solitary walks, not so much the composition of poems or taking pictures. And then I wondered if my little poems might be part of my prayers. That seems right sometimes, but I wondered if I was just making excuses.

Monday: No walk today. Went to the library, and at some point I wondered if I’d ever get the a point where I could walk there a couple times a week.

The rest of the week was pretty much a bust. I kept wanting to walk, needing to reduce the stress by moving about, but something always got in the way. An appointment here, a headache there, a computer all the time making my work harder and more time consuming than it should have been. (I know. That last should have been all the more reason to strap on the shoes and go, but every time I seriously thought about it, I felt something in my blood pressure drop, and I feared I might not make it back.)

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