Saturday, June 19, 2010

I’m back…maybe

Monday: As you can see from the lack of activity lately, I haven’t done much walking. There are a number of reasons for this, but the biggest one is the problem of my back. I have written before about problems and struggles, but it seems have come to a head of sorts today. I had concluded that I would have to walk without the dogs for awhile, and that I may have to do more night walking when I can't sleep. But I haven’t. And today I had to go to the hospital emergency room. I was given several drugs through an i.v., and within a few hours was at home working on the computer (one of many things that could be exacerbating my problem). I do not know what to make of it. But I have to get out there somehow.

thistle2 Tuesday: Anger seems to have driven my walk today. Anger at disobedient children who look at me like I’m nuts. Anger at people who claim to care what I think, but tell me to shut up. Anger at those who want my silence and coax me to speak at the same time. Anger at mediation. Anger at the pain in my back. Good time to walk I guess, if just throughthistle3 a few alleys looking at thistles and apple tress that hang over the fence of someone in the neighborhood. I used to walk myself tired, long time ago, when upset. Today, wrote a little poem, took a couple pictures, and walked myself sore, all in the span of about fifteen minutes.

Wednesday: Well, when I woke up this morning with my back hurting I returned to sleep. When I got up, it was worse, but I trudged on…all the way to the computer. My plan was to work for forty-five minutes to an hour and then walk for fifteen. I got one walk in, at first feeling good in the heat, but sore by the time I got home. Wasn’t too bad though; it was pain like exercise is supposed to be like. Thought I’d get out again, but then there were too many distractions and I all I managed was work.

Thursday and Friday: No walking these days. Wanted to, but much was in the process of going wrong. I should probably try to walk at night, and get away from this dang computer.

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