Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Week 2009

Tuesday: Walked with the dog in the evening along what I think of as my sunflower route. But it was dark and there are no sunflowers this time of year. Had a haiku in mind, but when I got home and tried to write it down I had forgotten everything except the line "Balmy December."

Wednesday: This time before the sun went down, I walked along the sunflower route. Sunset was beautiful, and I took a couple pictures, but also took pictures of the debris of children's toys scattered at the end of the field. Thought about how with such a rough, tight Christmas this year, someone was not only throwing away toys they may have spent their last few dollars for one other holiday or birthday. Tried to not think about the pain in my back or the knot of soreness that came to my chest for a few minutes.

Thursday: Christmas Eve. Weather was bad most of the day. Okay, at the beginning of the day, I could have/should have walked, but didn't. Then I was doing the Christmas thing and going to church and all. Got home after driving my crap car through ice. Then the fifteen year old took the dog for a walk in the cold, and I felt old.

Friday: I can't quite get over the irony that while I often avoid my walks due to feeling bad, I actually took the dog for a walk because I felt bad. The pain I've felt for a few days and the poor sleep have really gotten to me, and I want it to end. I know it is really cold outside and my body cooperates so poorly with me that what should be a twenty minute walk ended up going about 30. Cleo and I took the square route. We stopped a minute at a neighbor's house where a friend of my son's told me about how good Santa was to him. The dog showed an uncanny fear of the inflatable yard decorations at this place, so we couldn't chat long. I noticed that many of the yards still had a little of the snow that fell yesterday, like a bag of sugar no one was in a hurry to clean up. I got home so sore I could bare cross the threshold or bend over to take the leash off the animal. I sure hope this time next year that getting a little fresh air won't wear me out so.



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