Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break -- Daylight Savings

Tuesday: Because Daylight Savings started this week, there was sunlight as I took the Tuesday walk through Royse City. This time, I avoided downtown and walked through residential areas toward the city park. I began to hurt pretty early, and all I could think was how I was never going to lose this weight if I couldn't even walk a little bit without intense pain and shortness of breath. At the park, I stopped to rest.

Discourged. Only
a few feet into the walk
the back and legs rebel.
I have no defense,
no energy to surrender.
Just keep moving, I hear
myself say. But the scraping
of my feet on the pavement
sounds too much like a shovel
digging my grave.

Then I headed for the church where the boy was enjoying a party with his friends in scouts. I noticed the houses, so many well kept. Some houses were new, some were shotgun shacks made beautiful by good maintanence, some rennovated. Many had flowers or less natural designs to make them unique and attractive. Even those near crumbling seemed wonderful to me.

And as I neared my destination, I realized that I did not envy these people their money or their objects of beauty. I envied the time they had to partner with their hearts' desires, and maybe their Creator, to make their living spaces what they are.

Wednesday: I decided to take advantage of the time to walk in the shopping area near where my wife was being interviewed for a job in Rockwall. I first made my way to the Best Buy to browse the computer stuff, but I spent most of my time there looking through their sorry selection of music. Did hear a Toby Keith song about Wayman Tisdale and an unreleased Jackson Five tune.

Then I made my way back and to the Dollar Tree. By the time I got there, I was hurting pretty bad. Saw some interesting things, but couldn't concentrate because my back,hip and leg hurt so much, I felt like I was spending all my energy holding myself up.

It is sometimes is like two bones rubbing together, and I worry that I have something serious going on with my back, though most of the pain seems to be where there is muscle and tendon, not bone. But what the heck do I know? I am fairly certain that if something doesn't change soon, I'll be back at the doctor's office. I can't lose any weight getting two sorry walks each week. And I can't lose stress, if all I can think about during these walks is that I made a mistake setting on this or any journey.



also a concert recording of the Mike Drake Quartet

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