Thursday, September 16, 2010

What keeps me from these devotions?

I want so badly to get back into the swing of walking, but too darn much life has gotten in the way. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

Having recently read Scott Cairns’ Short Trip to the Edge: Where Earth Meets Heaven--A Pilgrimage, I have felt a pulling to devote more time to the Jesus Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer, and also to walk as a matter of spiritual, more than physical discipline. Of course, I have said the latter before, but this book (which is not really about walking) and some other things I have encountered have put me again in this mindset.

What keeps me from these devotions? Nothing and plenty.

I have been walking more at work, now that I have been back a couple of weeks. I try to space time out so that I can walk across campus every hour or so, as I have done before, to get coffee or something I may need from the division office. At least my back (which has suffered lately) has been grateful. But I have also spent a lot of time in the xar, and it is hard to walk when driving.

I have also had the blessing of a neighbor, new to me, who has given me reason to be afraid to leave the house, and in particular, afraid to walk in the neighborhood during the hours I would likely walk. I won’t go into the details about this here.

But I must pray, and I must find time and place to walk. I mustn’t give in to fear. Even in the dark, I must step toward Grace.

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Ike Caston said...

This is a struggle that many people cannot overcome. Physical fittness and literature go hand in hand. When you over train one more than the other an imbalance occurs. Key is to turn them into a priority rather than a hobby, this pushes for more motivation.