Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old routes new

Saturday: Morning walk with Cleo along the L route, but few sunflowers to see; noticed a house with several acres stretching behind my house is for sale--daydreamed a little about building a soccer field.

A bag of toys burst
open in the grass. The field
prevents their escape.

Monday: After dropping daughter off at choir rehearsal, walked from FUMC (Dallas) to the public library only to discover the library is now closed on Mondays; walked from there to El Centro (with the help of a security guard since the route was unfamiliar); noticed that while I had not been in downtown Dallas in months, many of the same buildings were in their states of disrepair and going-to-be-repaired; after grading papers in a computer lab at ECC, walked back to FUMC to pick up the child, my back hurting, my pants stuck to me by sweat, but still early enough to enjoy the paintings in the gallery

Thursday: Late morning/early afternoon--2 miles on the EFC jogging trail; prayed about things recently making me angry--remembered Screwtape's advice to Wormwood about little resentments; thought about a review of a Richard Souther cd I keep putting off; thought about apples in my office I planned to eat for lunch.

I pulled a muscle
trying to fix a shoelace.
So how lame am I?

While daughter was a soccer practice, walked half an hour around middle school with Cleo, noticing how many football fields there are in this town.



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