Sunday, October 18, 2009

Too busy; too sick

Saturday: Dropped daughter off at fundraiser in Plano, then had a lunch and Jack in the box, then an hour of reading with a nice Chai Tea at Starbucks; having left my sweatshirt at home and not wanting to brave the icky weather, I went to The Shops at Willow Bend thinking to try some mall walking; remembered immediately why I don't do this: too much dang noise; while the stores and the people were very interesting to look at -- a people watching writer's dream--give me bad weather and the sounds of traffic or wind and insects anytime.

Thursday: Took son to the doctor and stepped on the scale-- 257; thing didn't work afterward, so maybe it was broken.

Friday: Very short walk in the cold, early morning "around the block," more to calm the dog than for exercise.

After eating an icky salad for lunch, I walked across campus, then around most of the EFC jogging trail, to wake up more than for exercise, but I did break a little sweat in the cool October air.



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