Monday, November 9, 2009

In the cool air

Saturday: I am going to count the hour and a half trick-or-treating with my son, because my back hurt like the dickens by the time I got home.

Monday: Five a.m. walk, small square route, with Cleo. Air nice and cool. Ear not hurting, but still feeling stuffed.

During daughter's choir rehearsal, walked from FUMC-Dallas to El Centro; graded work in one of their quiet computer rooms, then walked back; took about fifteen minutes each way.

Tuesday: Short, around the block walk with Cleo in the early morning.

As the boy joined his scout troop, I walked from FUMC-Royse City down Main Street through downtown, then behind some buildings near the railroad tracks I think hold grain or something like it, then through some dark streets and back to downtown, toward the library, and back to FUMC; I think it may have taken about forty minutes.

Wednesday: Square route with addendum with Cleo, who was excited the whole way, sniffing and leaping in the cool air as if meeting someone.
the neighborhood is lit
by porch lights and a full moon
and here I am with the dog
looking for answers




Jerome said...

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Stephen S. Barr said...

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