Saturday, October 31, 2009

Losing Ears

I've struggled to walk this week, dealing both with an ear infection and rain. Those, and an general unwillingness to get out of bed until absolutely necessary.

Tuesday: walked for over half an hour near downtown Royse City while son was in scouts; air cool and damp; sort of wish I'd brought Cleo with me since she hasn't been out that much lately; composed a poem, wrote it down, lost it. The following is a reconstruction from the bits I remember

these old houses sport
the decorations of fake horror
sheets of orange ghosts hung
beside crosses in stained glass
glowing skeletons near plastic tombstones
from a dark porch
a man's after dinner smoke
wafts into the street
the real demons can hardly be seen

Friday: 30 minute walk through the neighborhood (small square route) with Cleo around five this morning; finally was able to get my tail out of bed and do this; praying-no poem.



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