Saturday, February 20, 2010

Monday: I have figured that it takes roughly the same amount of time for me to walk from FUMC-Dallas to El Centro as it does to drive from there to Eastfield. The plus of going into my own office, other than it being my own office, is that I am in a comfortable place with a computer I am familiar with (and from which I can listen to my own music). However, I decided today to save the gas and gain the exercise.
    Diesel perfume hits me
    as I trudge through the West Transit Center.
    It is the sweet smell of movement.
    But quickly, I take note of the cigarettes
    from tired women and young toughs,
    and I must remind myself
    I'll be safe soon enough.

Wednesday: I suppose I got some exercise, but it was not, in my mind, a successful walk. I was distracted the whole time either by the dogs' lack of cooperation or the theme song from Craig Ferguson's show bouncing in my head.

Thursday: No walk, but I did participate in son's basketball practice by being part of the defense as they ran plays. Ouch. But fun.

Friday: Dogs were better behaved today, probably because they walked once in the morning with Tonya and once in the afternoon/evening with Alex. We took an extra ten minutes.



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