Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brothers and Books

On the first leg of today's walk, I was alone with Cleo, who left me to my thoughts. And for some reason, I thought about my brothers. One is so different from me in looking at the world, but is one of my closest friends. One has distanced himself from me, and others. Another seems lost in a bottle. I'm left to conclude that I need to pray for them, not only because I want to see their welfare improve. I need to pray for them for the well-being of my heart and the growth of my soul. 
I was joined on the second leg by my wife. We took Thor, who seemed determined to pull my hand off. Otherwise the air was crisp and the time pleasant. My wife and I talked about books and the relationships of those who write them. I returned home thirsty and warm.
ay dog!
we haven't time
for every cat you see
or every post you want to mark
let's go!

Note: This post was written some time ago. I'm not sure why it never got published or if it should have been. But here it is anyway.

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