Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arguments and resistance

The past two days I've taken my walk to the library a little later than I had intended. But I am hoping that within the time before all my kids are out of school, I may, with walks in the afternoon, build some resistance to the heat, so that I will continue when the temperatures reach the hundreds for several days.

Yesterday, my thoughts were on the connection between fear and hate, and so when I reached the library I scribbled a few things about it. The subject brought up memories of a bully in my childhood, one of the few people I ever truly wanted to die. Today, I looped the mental tape of an argument over the foolishness of either/or science vs. religion arguments. Pearls before swine, I kept thinking, but not all of them end this way.

for you, science is everything
all else is entertainment
you see no collars on your priests
or that your god
is still being chiseled

Anyway, I am grateful for these sunny days and the chance to read some poetry and work on some stories.

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