Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Loop Against the Anger

It was humid as I walked around the complex, trying to get some exercise in between matches. I left the house in a huff, after discovering that one of my favorite lawn chairs and my patio umbrella had been stolen. I was also irritated by something I'd seen on  television and a snafu with my phone. The water has been shut off in the neighborhood while somebody did something. All minor, petty problems, but the culmination had me soured.

And so I walked, half expecting to find some redneck in his driveway chillin' with a beer as he sat in  my chair daring me to take it back. Of course, I didn't see him, which is probably better for me than said imaginary redneck. All the while I kept Bill Evans' "Peace Piece" on a continual loop, because it is one of those songs that nearly always calms me down.

your industry built
on shame can never make me
industrious more

There were no prayers, no deep thoughts. Just a sweaty saunter around Chaos Town.

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