Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fences Leaning On Fences

Musing on the future, I could not help considering the past, or at least what I remember of the past, which may be more feeling that pictures. Dwelling too much on feelings is not good, and so I pray about the danger.

I walked a little longer today, including a field I rarely travel. I avoid it, at different times, because of high grass, mud, or the potential for snakes. My trek brought me near I-30, but I had no desire to go near the shops and people getting breakfast at Sonic. So I stayed as close to the edge as I dared.

wild grass and debris
fences leaning on fences
coffee lingering

I am not determining my future this summer. Well, that isn't true. I am, but not in the way I thought I would. I started this journey thinking I'd perhaps decide whether to continue the path I've been on. Even the "good" reason to deviate is dissolving, not so much like a fog, but ice turning to water. But what I shall bring on this journey and what I shall shed as unnecessary -- this is what I shall turn my prayers and my face toward.

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