Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stretching and Communion

Exercise has the uncanny quality, found in very few activities and pursuits, of making one feel both weak and strong at the same time. This I realized yesterday and today as I stretched my walks by going further and bringing a backpack.

Yesterday, I almost crossed a bridge spanning Lake Ray Hubbard between Rockwall and Rowlett. I surmise I was about a half mile from the other side when I felt compelled to turn back. Good thing as otherwise I would have been late for an appointment. But I was able to enjoy the strange wind caused by a combination of the lake and passing cars, and the warmth of the earth an hour or so after sunrise and still cool from recent rains. I smiled at those jogging and biking by and the locks placed on the safety fence. Mostly, I had sweet communion with my God.

listening to lemonade
i don't think about 
missing potassium

Today I trekked to the library, but first made a stop to photograph the old Royse City jail for a book cover. Sitting at one of the benches, I took in the breeze, and waited for God to speak to me. I didn't catch anything but the sense He was glad to be there as we quietly watched the blooming flowers on a nearby tree.

Later, I walked the labyrinth while listening to Richard Souther and trying ignore the rash and annoying headache I was developing. So many to pray for, so much to be grateful for, and I so easily distracted.

dull evening sun
shadows on the labyrinth
ears full of buzzing

I felt a good sense of fatigue as I sat on a bench nearby and turned down the volume. I've loved my earbuds lately and how they have both let me hear subtleties in the music I listen to as I put a wall around me from the outside world where noise mostly dismantles my peace. But here, as I breathe in the stillness, I can let in at least this small part which edifies my soul.

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