Thursday, June 12, 2014

Waking Up Naked

So consider the following: You get up every day and get dressed for work. You put on your regular work clothes, maybe some slacks and a polo, jeans on casual Friday. On Saturday, you get into comfy clothes -- your favorite t-shirt, relaxing pants, and sandals or tennis shoes if you have errands to run. Sunday means your nice slacks, best shirt, and maybe a tie. Shoes are hard and uncomfortable, but you'd be even less comfortable in what you would prefer. No problem. It's only an hour or so, and then you are home in shorts and napping on the couch, dreaming of grilling something for dinner.

Lots of people have dreamed of being some place familiar only to realized suddenly they are completely naked. But what if we woke up and realized that every time we went out thinking we were dressed, we were actually unclothed all the time and most people ignored it, though some gave a hint here and there. Once in a while some person pointed out some of the truth, but was so rude or judgmental about it you could not possibly take that person seriously.

exposed on the bridge
there is no way
even to the water
forward and stop
are the only directions

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